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Fundraiser Update!

Founder of Voice For The Horse Yvonne Allen’s personal fundraiser successfully raised $1130.00 for the Pacific Riding For Developing Abilities. Yvonne’s half marathon run throughout the busy city streets of Langley, B.C. truly did achieve the theme for this event to Connect City to Country!

Visit Yvonne’s Fundraising Page and learn more about Yvonne’s exciting adventure with her very own horses Angel & Mischief leading her way!

Voice For The Horse Canada Foundation has officially launched in the Province of British Columbia, Canada! 

In honor of both horse and human, we invite you to our web site!

Like a child whose voice is not heard, the horse also has no audible voice. Our endeavor at Voice For The Horse is to build a sustainable program built on the history of how the horse has served us to where we are today; in our new technological world where it has been said “we no longer need horses in our lives to serve us”. At Voice For The Horse we believe we need them more than ever! From advanced classical equestrian training principles which offer no harm to horse and through equine facilitated therapies with focus on our youth, we believe we portray the proper balance for a healthy and happy horse/human connection. We believe those who participate and for those also who may witness, we shall strengthen the lives of many.

May the lives of both horse and human shine together brightly into our futures! 

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Horses and children, I often think, have a lot of the good sense there is in the world. ~ Josephine Demott Robinson

Enjoy our Official Theme Song “Stronger” which inspired the Leading The Change Music Project!

Horses Help Kids Lead The Change

Part 1 – Stronger Music Video 

Part 2 – Stronger Music Video