About VFTH


Mission: To provide opportunity for children from all walks of life, the opportunity to spend quality time in the company of horses. Facilitated by Equine Professionals this select group may experience empowerment through the horse, our specially guided teachers through our signature program, The Leading The Change Music Project.

Vision: To facilitate in opening the minds of our youth to their highest potential where they may forever dare to dream while promoting horses as their character of muse and inspiration through their personalized music video productions.

History: Voice For The Horse was initiated originally in 2010 by Yvonne Allen built on her own personal dream and vision to empower the lives of children through music and horses.


Our hope at Voice For The Horse is to offer the experience of The Leading The Change Music Project which entails working with equine professionals who offer a variety of programs to include; therapeutic riding for the disabled; learning how to work around horses, teaching their proper care; the opportunity to teach children hands on how to safely touch a horse ; opportunities to ride in a safe and monitored riding environment; EAL (Equine Assisted Learning) which teach children awareness, respect and kindness to both others and themselves, with a special focus on anti-bullying and empowerment, to help keep them STRONGER in our ever evolving and challenging world.


We believe all children have the right to experience horses and nature. We aspire to enable those who need it the most, to personally experience this life enriching experience. Many communities today have professional Equine Facilitators offering these types of services with whom we invite to partner with us.

Let us help you, help those most needing support within your own community! This is your opportunity to reach out and make a difference today!

To learn more about the vision for the Leading The Change Music Project we invite you to watch the video below with Carol Todd, founder of the The Amanda Todd Legacy Society.

Click on video below and watch Voice For The Horse Tribute to Amanda Todd October 10th, 2013, Light Up Your World Purple on Salt Spring Island where our first music production, Stronger is featured live which demonstrates the healing power of music.