Angel and Mischief

 Meet brother and sister draft horse team VFTH Mascots – Angel and Mischief!

Angel and Mischief arrived quite spontaneiously. In fact, they arrived less than a year apart from one another. Two years after the fact, we were informed they were a brother/sister team bred from the same mare at a Premarin Farm in Manitoba, Canada. Needless to say, not knowing the direction of the events that would further unfold, we embraced these two young horses knowing they needed someone to both love and care for them.


  Click here to meet Angel.

The first to arrive in 2008, Angel depicts the character of a loving older sister, one who Mischief had to dance around a few times over for her to finally accept him. They have been inseparatable ever since! Angel and Mischief are Mascots of Voice For The Horse – the most original Brother / Sister Draft Horse Team you will ever meet!


Click here to meet Mischief!

Mischief and Angel will continue to work hard for Voice For The Horse and Horses Help Kids in an effort to teach and share with the world, who the horse is in our lives today! This promises to lead to many interesting conversations and discussions!