Bio for Ann Bell (Turner)

Born and raised on a farm in Jamaica of Scottish/English parents, Ann found that she could talk to animals from a very young age.  Her Spiritual/Intuitive gifts were just a normal part of her childhood, and she has grown over the years into a gifted Healer and communicator.

Ann calls on the help of her Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and Power Animals for assistance with her communications, and the grey horse in this photo – Silver – who is now in spirit form, is one of her greatest teachers.  She has also been befriended by the greatest racehorse that ever lived – Secretariat – as one of her mentors.  Ann owned and competed on one of his sons in Jamaica to short list for the Pan Am Games in Dressage in 1990.

This is a woman whose background is not only spiritual, but practical as well.  Over the years, Ann has become a Certified CHA Level 2 Coach, a certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist with Equissage, and a Special Olympics Equestrian Coach.  She has a very practical side to her healing, as she makes up custom herbs for her clients horses, as well as a very sound knowledge of veterinary work, diet and nutrition, riding and horse management. Ann owned and operated a 35 horse riding school in Jamaica, where several of her students competed overseas in the Samsung championships. 

This is a lady who is grounded in the day to day care of horses, and has ridden to upper levels drug free.  For 11 years she co-owned and operated Wit’s End Equine Rehabilitation centre with her now ex husband.  Ann is now on her own and bringing her healing gifts to the world and your animals.  This lady not only talks the talk, but can most certainly walk the walk!!

She says: “my life has undergone an Extreme Makeover in the last 6 years, and finally I am here doing what I have always done but was afraid to talk about, and I am so thrilled to have reached this point in life where I can be who I am without fear, and offer my gifts of service to the animals of the world”.  

Ann has also written a biography of her life and its challenges – which are quite a few – for others to read as inspiration to lose their fear of moving forward.  It is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and as an iPhone download.  Check the website for details: Phone: 604-302-8229.