Bio for Yvonne Allen

Yvonne Allen is the writer and author of the original work of “Voice For The Horse” which evolved in 2007. Based on her lifetime passion for horses she purchased her first horse in 1991 from Hastings Racecourse in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. He was not sound from the get go which led Yvonne on an extended journey to learn holistic equine therapies to support and promote optimal health for equines. It worked! In 2005 Yvonne developed her own specialized program to teach horse owners how to massage their horses to help them reach their highest potentials.

By 2007 Yvonne became so passionate about being “a voice for the horse” she decided to evolve the web site “ Voice For The Horse” where we could bring to light all the beauty and grace of horses to the world by the means of social media.

Yvonne has had many successes along the way to include being inducted into the “World Massage Festival” in 2017.

Yvonne and Voice For The Horse were also noted as a “Compassionate Organization” in 2015 and took her certification to become a Virtues Project Facilitator in 2010.

Currently Yvonne has taken her knowledge and life experiences and is putting her efforts into writing her first book. With her knowledge gained she is now moving into the field of health and wellness which is one of her greatest passions. Her personal mission today is to be able to not only help horses reach their highest potentials, but for people too.

We invite you to click on the video below and scroll to minute 6:47 to listen to Yvonne’s induction speech at the “World Massage Festival” in Cherokee, North Carolina.