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Waiting For You to Know Me Video

I had found out about Horses Help Kids, was very inspired by what they were doing, and had the chance to visit their headquarters in the horse country of British Columbia, Canada.  I had seen photos of their two mascots, Angel & Mischief, and now was my time to meet them.  It was such a busy visit, that I did not have time to spend with them until just before I was leaving.  I walked over to the fence line where they were standing, and felt like they asked me to come into their pasture, which I did.  Angel then laid down for a nap, and Mischief came over to me.  He was very still, and we made a heart connection.  It seemed that he was telling me something, though I didn’t have the words for it at that moment.

As I drove away, I started to think about what had happened, and how special it was.  Almost immediately, words and music started to come through, and I wrote the song Waiting For You To Know Me over the next two days.  I then sat at my kitchen table with my guitar, recorded it on my iPhone and sent it to Horses Help Kids, as a message from Mischief.

I believe that the message is:  We know WHAT the horse is: strong, powerful, beautiful.  But do we really know WHO the horse is?  They have served mankind for so long, with such a generous spirit.  They are still here to help us, but now it is to understand a deeper level of love and trust between each other, and between humans and all animals.  And to help us know ourselves better too.  At the heart of this is letting go – of fear of a new way, of old patterns of thinking and behavior – and that time is now.  We are all in this together.

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